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page of Steve Webb, original author
you can play galaxy there!

another GalaxyNG server

galaxy mail list

contact me

battleviewer (new in 1.5.10). show my attack on Nation_15 HW on turn 8 in Carnage1. unsuccessful.
modern listbox (new in 1.5.9).
another shot what display new listbox.

older screenshots:

game Carnage1 at where i was killed at 7 turn. i`m in frustation. all hopes are lost. it`s main window with only map viewed.
main window with left, right and bottom panel opened. left panel contain tree view. idea and implementation -- original author of galng.tcl -- Steve Webb.
look at my stupid fault in battle view. one ship with ED 20.49 destroy all my weak forces at Citadel and bomb it. all glory to Nation_15!
Shipyard -- ship design tool
WOPR -- battlesim

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