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page of Steve Webb, original author
you can play galaxy there!

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galng.tcl is report viewer/tool for galaxy pbem game, primary for NG variant. Original galng.tcl is written by Steve Webb and if you need original version, please look at Purpose of my work is to make one-right-tool-to-play-galaxy.

Now it is usable for playing GalaxyNG. galng.tcl can run, load report, show info from it, have ship designer, have battlesim (which can work with internal simulator from galaxyMapper or with external WOPR tool; you can get it there). Also it have animated battleviewer (new in 1.5.10) and can send commands to server via internal smtp sender. I plan to support Galaxy PLUS reports, but for now it is in unusable state.

Partial TODO list which now consist from long term ideas:

  • execute commands locally
  • rewrite wopr math in tcl. (galaxyMapper have one; should be incorporated). (DONE, but need testing)
  • add support for Galaxy PLUS reports (in work)
  • improve usability of all parts -- i really need your ideas! (always in work)
  • .. many more ..

Fell free to contact me with any question, feature requests, money, beer, etc.. And last, but not least -- play galaxy, have fun!

Dmitry Morozhnikov <>, 2002